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How to savour Limonceflo ?

The best is to keep your shot glasses and your bottle of Limonceflo in the freezer. It should be tasted as cold as possible. You'll see, it makes a real difference! Otherwise, countless possibilities exist for making delicious cocktails. Here are some examples : Cocktails


How should I store the products ?

Since we make it a point of honor to remain as natural as possible, no additives or preservatives have been added. So you need to keep your bottle away from heat and light in order to preserve all the qualities and taste of lemon. We advice you to keep your bottle in the freezer to savour the Limonceflo nicely chilled !


Is the shipment free?

Good question ! Yes, as long as you order for more than CHF 99.-. Below that amount, the standard prices of the Swiss Post apply (shipping costs). For the moment, there are no international shipments.


When will I receive my order ?

We do everything we can to deliver to you as quickly as possible. The Swiss Post generally announces a delivery time of 2 to 5 working days (in Switzerland). For more info, click here: shipping