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The Art of Limonceflo Making

At Lemon Brothers, we celebrate over 15 years of limoncello mastery, rooted in the picturesque Riviera dei Fiori in northwest Italy. Our journey began with Marco, an Italian craftsman, whose passion for the finest liqueurs led to the creation of our signature limoncello. 

In our process, we blend tradition with innovation, meticulously balancing alcohol, sugar, and the zest of carefully grown lemons. This results in a product that perfectly captures the essence of our heritage – a robust drink symbolising the strength and vitality of our family's bond. Each bottle of Lemon Brothers’ limoncello is a testament to our commitment to quality and the art of Italian craftsmanship.

Award-Winning Excellence

Proudly recognized as an eight-time internationally acclaimed brand, Lemon Brothers stands at the forefront of limoncello excellence. Each award serves as a testament to our meticulous process and the passion that goes into every bottle. We create a legacy of taste and quality that resonates with connoisseurs worldwide.

Our Limonceflo products

Embark on a journey of taste with Lemon Brothers' exquisite limoncello selection. Each variant is crafted with precision, offering a unique experience that captivates your senses.

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The captivating tale of Limonceflo

The captivating tale of Limonceflo

Limonceflo, the exceptional digestif that elevates every meal's conclusion. It embodies the perfect balance between the enchanting freshness of lemon and the invigorating sensation of a refined digestif.

But its uniqueness doesn't stop there:

  • Organic lemons, carefully selected and hand-harvested.
  • Each step is carried out with meticulousness and expertise in the canton of Vaud (CH): lemon zesting, Limonceflo's crafting, bottling, and delicate label application.

We understand that your appetite is already piqued. However, before savoring this marvel, allow us to recount the fascinating story behind this extraordinary recipe!

Our history

A taste of nature

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Explore the vibrant world of Lemon Brothers through our insightful blog. Our posts delve into the art of enjoying this zesty drink, offering expert advice, refreshing recipes, and thoughtful gift ideas. Whether you're a limoncello aficionado or a curious newcomer, our blog is your go-to source.

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11 times internationally awarded !

Our Limonceflo has been crowned ten times in the biggest international competitions! Read More

Limonceflo Triumphs in London: A New Silver Medal for Our Family Liqueur

Our family liqueur, Limonceflo, has won another medal at the London Spirits Competition 2024. This prestigious competition judges spirits on quality, value and packaging. This distinction confirms the excellence of our product and our dedication to traditional craftsmanship. Read More

Limonceflo: A Brilliant Victory at the Lyon 2024 International Competition

The Limonceflo: A Brilliant Victory at the Lyon 2024 International Competition Read More

Artisanal production

At Lemon Brothers, our limoncello is more than just a beverage; it's a craft honed with care and tradition. Our artisanal production process combines age-old techniques with a modern touch, ensuring every bottle captures the essence of authentic Italian flavour. 

We take pride in using only the finest, locally sourced lemons, meticulously handpicked, to guarantee the highest quality. Experience the dedication and passion that go into each bottle of our artisanal limoncello.