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Seven-time internationally acclaimed!

Our Swiss Limonceflo among the world's finest limoncellos... Unthinkable? Well, think again!

  • Gold Medal: Craft Spirits Awards 2021 in London, a prestigious accolade!
  • Gold Medal: China Wine and Spirits Awards 2022 in Hong Kong, the largest international competition dedicated to spirits.
  • Bronze Medal: International Wine and Spirits Competition 2022 in London, with an impressive score of 86/100. The oldest and most prestigious alcohol competition in the world!
  • Gold Medal: European Spirits Challenge 2022, a European recognition!
  • Gold Medal: Luxury Masters 2022, a testament to absolute luxury!
  • Silver Medal: Liqueur Masters 2022, an exceptional achievement!
  • Double Gold Medal: Berlin International Spirits Competition 2022, the ultimate triumph with this double gold distinction!

With immense pride and sincere gratitude, we receive these honors after a year of hard work. We still find it difficult to grasp the magnitude of these successes!"

The captivating tale of Limonceflo

The captivating tale of Limonceflo

Limonceflo, the exceptional digestif that elevates every meal's conclusion. It embodies the perfect balance between the enchanting freshness of lemon and the invigorating sensation of a refined digestif.

But its uniqueness doesn't stop there:

  • Organic lemons, carefully selected and hand-harvested.
  • Each step is carried out with meticulousness and expertise in the canton of Vaud (CH): lemon zesting, Limonceflo's crafting, bottling, and delicate label application.

We understand that your appetite is already piqued. However, before savoring this marvel, allow us to recount the fascinating story behind this extraordinary recipe!

Our history

A taste of nature

Contests and Media

Double Gold Medal at the Berlin International Spirits Competition 2022

  Our Limonceflo just won the DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL at the Berlin International Spirits Competition 2022! Thanks Berlin International Spirits Competition Read More

Silver medal at the Liqueur Masters 2022!

Our Limonceflo just won the Silver medal at the Liqueur Masters 2022!Thanks The Liqueur Masters Read More

Gold medal at the Luxury Masters 2022!

Our Limonceflo has just won the Gold medal at the Luxury Masters 2022!Thanks The Luxury Masters  Read More

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