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Our Limonceflo recipe was discovered over 15 years ago by Marco, an Italian guy with an even sweeter character than the best liqueur. Marco grew up in Sanremo, on the Riviera dei Fiori in northwestern Italy. 

About 40 years ago, Marco inherited a small 2-room apartment in the heights of Sanremo, overlooking the old town “La Pigna”. Very quickly, this place became the n°1 "Place-to-be" in the family for the holidays.

In the apartment's garden, Hedi, Marco's wife, planted a small lemon tree almost 30 years ago. This little tree has grown into a beautiful, sturdy tree bursting with energy (and fruit). A perfect illustration of their relationship.

At first, the lemons are only used for their juice (nothing like a good homemade lemonade in summer!). But all that changes the day when, sitting on his terrace admiring the Mediterranean, Marco challenges himself to rub shoulders with the liqueur of his country: limoncello. Over the years, Marco and Hedi have refined the recipe to find the perfect balance between alcohol, sugar and the delicious taste of lemon. We must admit that the whole family very willingly gives them a hand for tastings ... 

Once the perfect recipe found, the secret of this limoncello is jealously guarded and this liqueur with a unique taste accompanies countless family meals... Until the day their granddaughter Amélie introduces them to Florian, a dynamic and tall young Dutchman and digestive enthusiast, who immediately falls under the spell of this limoncello. Florian was immediately won over by the combination of a very pronounced lemon taste and a real digestive. The nectar perfected by Marco is a perfect balance between the freshness of lemon and the invigorating effect of the digestive. 

One day, Marco gives Florian a surprising and very touching gift: for the first time, he reveals the secret recipe of his famous limoncello. Immediately caught up in the game, Florian asks Marco for his blessing to make his own experiences, which he accepts with a big smile (and a few tears of joy). 

Three years later, and many liters produced / tested / consumed, the desire to introduce people to this unique and delicious liqueur emerged. Still with the blessing of its inventor and by strictly respecting the original recipe, Florian is proud to present his Limonceflo.