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The origin of Limonceflo

The story of our Limonceflo dates back over 15 years when Marco, an Italian man with a temperament as gentle as the finest liqueurs, discovered the recipe. Marco grew up in Sanremo, on the beautiful Riviera dei fiori in northwest Italy.

About 40 years ago, Marco inherited a small two-room apartment situated on the hills of Sanremo, offering breathtaking views of the historic old town known as "La Pigna". Quickly, this place became the family's favorite vacation spot.

Nearly 30 years ago, Hedi, Marco's wife, planted a small lemon tree in the garden of that apartment. The tree continued to grow and flourish, becoming a magnificent specimen, robust and brimming with energy (and fruits). It perfectly symbolizes their relationship.

Initially, lemons were mainly used for their juice (there's nothing like a refreshing homemade lemonade in the summer!). But everything changed the day Marco, sitting on his terrace gazing at the Mediterranean, took on the challenge of creating a liqueur typical of his country: limoncello. Over the years, Marco and Hedi perfected the recipe to achieve the perfect balance between alcohol, sugar, and the delightful taste of lemon. It must be said that the family eagerly joined in the tastings...

Once the perfect recipe was found, the secret of this limoncello was zealously guarded, and this uniquely flavored liqueur accompanied countless family meals... Until the day their granddaughter Amélie introduced them to Florian, a dynamic young Dutchman and a passionate connoisseur of digestifs, who immediately fell in love with limoncello. Florian was instantly captivated by the combination of pronounced lemon flavor and the quality of a true digestif. Indeed, the nectar perfected by Marco offers a perfect balance between the freshness of lemon and the invigorating effect of a digestif.

One day, Marco made a surprising and touching gift to Florian: for the first time, he revealed the secret recipe of his famous limoncello. Immediately intrigued, Florian sought Marco's blessing to embark on his own experiments, a request met with a big smile (and some tears of joy).

Three years later, after producing, testing, and savoring numerous liters, the desire to introduce this unique and delightful liqueur to the world was born. Always with the blessing of its creator and faithfully following the original recipe, Florian is proud to present you his Limonceflo.