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Crystal glass "Lemon Brothers"

This glass is part of the Riserva collection, the historical series dedicated to daily tasting developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Oenology of the Catholic University of Piacenza and tested by professionals from the Italian Association of Sommeliers.

This grappa glass has a capacity of 8 cl; it has been designed to improve the clarity, aromas and organoleptic characteristics of the distillate. The classic tulip shape matches any decor.

A very uniform and linear rim is obtained by using a laser beam (rim cutting). This technology improves product quality and is specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals.


8 cl - 2 3/4 oz
h 163 mm - 6 1/2"
Ø 56 mm - 2 1/4"


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Crystal glass "Lemon Brothers"
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