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Limonceflo Triumphs in London: A New Silver Medal for Our Family Liqueur

Limonceflo, our family liqueur, has just won a new medal at the prestigious London Spirits Competition 2024, confirming its place among the best spirits in the world. This international recognition highlights not only the exceptional quality of our product, but also our family's commitment to craftsmanship and tradition.

The London Spirits Competition is a high-profile annual event that attracts spirits producers from around the world. Founded for the first time in 2018, this competition has quickly established itself as one of the major references in the alcoholic beverage industry. Spirits are judged by a panel of experts that includes renowned mixologists, drinks buyers and trade journalists. This diversity in the jury guarantees a balanced and complete evaluation of the products in competition.

Judging at the London Spirits Competition is based on three main criteria: quality, value and packaging. The quality of the product is of course paramount, with particular attention paid to the balance of flavors, aroma and finish in the mouth. Value is assessed based on value for money, while packaging is judged on its visual appeal and relevance to the target market.

Winning a medal in this competition means that Limonceflo has managed to distinguish itself in these three areas. The recognition of our liqueur by such a diverse panel is tangible proof of its superiority. This not only strengthens our credibility among consumers and professionals, but also opens up new international market opportunities.

This medal represents the fruit of hard work and boundless passion for the creation of an authentic and refined product. Limonceflo is not just a liqueur; it is a family heirloom, a tradition passed down from generation to generation, with a deep respect for artisanal methods and quality ingredients.

In celebrating this victory, we would like to thank everyone who has supported Limonceflo over the years. This recognition is as much yours as it is ours. We are committed to continuing to produce liquor that embodies excellence and sharing our passion with the world.


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