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Limonceflo: A Brilliant Victory at the Lyon 2024 International Competition

Une bouteille de Limonceflo avec deux verres à liqueur, sur une table en bois.


We are delighted to share with you extraordinary news: our family limoncello, Limonceflo, won the gold medal at the Concours International de Lyon 2024. This eminent recognition in the world of liquor is the fruit of our constant dedication to excellence and quality.

The Concours International de Lyon is a world-renowned event, bringing together the best spirits producers in the world each year for fierce competition. Experienced jurors, made up of sommeliers, distillers and tasting experts, evaluate the samples with unparalleled rigor and precision, thus guaranteeing fair and deserved recognition.

This year, the Limonceflo shone among a multitude of competitors, seducing the judges with its distinctive character and exceptional quality. Its vibrant lemon taste, velvety texture and captivating aroma have captivated the most demanding palates, giving it the highest distinction: the gold medal.

This win has special meaning for us as it recognizes not only the quality of our product, but also the family heritage and passion that permeates every drop ofLimonceflo. For generations, our family has been committed to continuing artisanal traditions and creating limoncello of unparalleled quality, and this gold medal is the ultimate validation of our success.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to our valued customers, who have supported and enjoyed the Limonceflo throughout our journey. Your trust and loyalty are our greatest reward, and we are honored to share this victory with you.

As we celebrate this victory at the Concours International de Lyon 2024, we renew our commitment to excellence and quality. We will continue to develop our Limonceflo with passion and dedication, providing our customers with a incomparable taste, worthy of the greatest distinctions.

This gold medal is much more than just a prize; it is an affirmation of our commitment to authenticity, quality and excellence. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, sharing the joy and delight that only Limonceflo can offer.


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